For Hire – Indonesia

I have been traveling to Indonesia for 25 years, and shooting video there for 20. I speak Indonesian fluently and have a passive understanding of the Balinese and Javanese dialects. In the 1980’s I worked as a fixer on “The Temples of Java” as well as several commercial shoots in Jakarta. I later worked at the only expatriate-run production facility in Bali – Bali Video, where I served a number of commercial clients including the Bank of Australia and the BBC. I was a correspondent for ABC NEWS during the 1998 political upheaval, and later shot a documentary on the student revolt with a grant from the Soros Documentary Fund. Most recently, I visited Bali in 2010 to complete a documentary on Balinese Traditional Healers entitled “Balian”.

Film and television production in Indonesia is fraught with a number of challenges. I have hard-earned experience dealing with permits, censors, corruption, and local crews that will save your shoot time and money. I have traveled and shot in the jungles of Borneo and under even more dangerous conditions of civil unrest. On the other hand, interactions with traditional peoples requires immense cultural sensitivity and understanding. I bring these skill-sets to your shoots and will deliver remarkable footage. Check out some of my Indonesian material here.

Coral Reef Bombing from Dan Mcguire on Vimeo.